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Classical Studies

Lecture 1Peleus and Thetis are godsone goddess not invited that is Discordia Eris is greek nameshe mightily pissed off she made a golden apple and was enscribed takes it and throws it in middle of party each one of the ppl at the party thought apple for them Juno queen of the gods Hera greek name Minerva athena Venus aphrodite they all argue over apple So to be fair lets talk to a human person to decide So they get Paris and he said cool who should have golden apple each thought they can bribe him juno says I can make u king of europe minerva say I can make u general venus says I will give u the most beautiful women in the world helen of sparta Venus gets the apple intros helen and to troy Menelaus pissed off and sends to troy and trojan war lasts ten years One of the trojan heroes Aeneas manages to escape fleet of troy and he wonders and finds italy and settles near Tiber river and founds city Lavinium named after wife he has a son from prev wife and came with him named IulusAscanis He wants to find his own city finds Alba Longa go through 14 kings Interested in king 13 Numitor and 14 Aemulius There twins One evil and one good numitor good aemulius bad He doesnt kill him but drives him out Numitor has daughter Rhea Silvia And Aemulius makes her a vestal virgin She was beautiful Mars had her way with her and sorta raped her has twins Romulus and Remus Take these little babies and drown them So what his henchmens do is put the kids in the river with a basket Found by a shepherd named Faustulus These two babies were suckled by a wolf Kids later realize who they and go back to alba longa to get throne Numator back on throne the kids become princes but they want to find their own city They want to find the place where the basket was found but theres two hills One is Palatine the other Aventine Remus favours Aventine because he saw 6 vultures when he climbed the top and he saw them before Romulus Romans take the flight of birds seriously Romulus likes Palatine and he sees 12 vultures So they found two cities each one on their own hill Before you can found a city you have to create a sacred boundary This is done by oxen and you plow and build walls Remus ticked off because Romulus is ahead of them and had more help and hes more nicer What Remus does is that he violates that sacred boundary If the sacred boundary is broken then the magic is lost Romulus builds some sort of a forcefield around it and Remus punches a hole in it This puts Romulus in a predicament There is only one way of preventing this is to set an example to anyone who crosses the Pomerium So he killed his brother to set an example and the magic is reset Romulus founds Palatine and stnow called rome 21 of April 753 BC1 Rome located southeast of the Tiber 24 km from the sea 15 miles Palatine Aventine Capitoline Quirinal Viminal Esquiline Caelian Latium Etruscans North and Curia south2 Why build a city here because it is defensible it has 7 hills There is also volcanic soil that helps agriculture And its on a river so theres good water supply The Tiber also offered excellent means of transportation 3 Island natural crossroadsis where people tend to cross One is the greeks to the south they emigrated The north you have etruscans There big advanced civilizations They want to communicate with one another So you have a lot of traffic going through that area 4 Many natural resources in the area Timberbuilding supplies and fuel Stones and metal deposits Out on the coast is salt that naturally occurs Salt was really important so you can preserve foods those are the reasons why good place to settleRome had a population of 750 000 to a million this is the largest city in the Western World until 1800s when London surpasses that number One of the most dense population in historyC Gaius Julius Astyanax initially the name worked as a
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