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Classical Studies

By 378 had built a servian circuit wall 4 meters thick 10 meters high and 10 m longBy 358 rome had completely recovered all territory restored their treaty with the latinsThey start expanding to latium south and north North wants to stop the expansion north is the etruscans The samnites inhabit central Italy east to rome they have four times the territory and two times the population they are very powerfulIn 358 they want to establish collanies on their frontiers Centers for romanization they canshare their history The treaty for this was the same as treaty with the latins They are going to be 50 latin Collonies distributed most to the combination of Italy Rome is the center of the culter religion legal and jusidical of Italy it all becomes roman everyone looks to them for power and wanted to be involved all this combined creates a single roman people They want latins to become romans their alliesIn 341 latin league revolts and were defeated near naplesIn 340 they were officially defeatedIn 338 they delted the latin league completely But this actually makes things better Rome deletes their treaty and they come up with new rules This is when rome empire begins It introduces three new things1Complete citizenship civitasoptimo lur
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