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Classical Studies
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thThursday April 7 2011 First partonly the last third of the classMap will have bodies of waterThe second part is cumulativenot dates no mapjust general questions about the whole courseKnowing battles is importantDaily lifeThe regular kind of marriage that existed in the roman empiresine manu marriage the one that seems sort of normal to usthe woman retains her status her property rights if she has a dowry it stays hersIf shes under her fathers patria potestas or a guardian then that stays the same Nothing changes for her when she marriesShe is able to divorce her husbandThe older kind of marriage that died out in the late republic in manu marriageThe women legally is described as being in manu mariti in her husbands handBecause it was always described as being in her husbands hand the whole sort of legal framework that described her status ended up being referred to as manusWhen the woman marries her husband the patria potestas of the womans father transfers to her husbandHer relationship to her husband is now exactly the same as the relationship that she used to have with her father Wife is under her husbands powerShe has the same legal rights as her children This thing dies out really fast Consequently the husband owns everything everything gets transferred over to him What happens if youve got a ma
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