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CLA1102Roman CivilizationLecture 1Languages the official language of Rome was Latin the language derived from Latin are Spanish Portuguese French Italian EnglishWhat did the Romans give us medicine drugs aqueduct road engineering concreteaqueduct ancient pipeline that delivers fresh waterconcrete Romans have discovered concrete this is significant because it shows how strong it is because they are still standing todaytribal arch a place where soldiers or emperor gathers people to tell them somethingArchesromans used the architecture of arches than a column This distributes stress on buildingsThe Mythological founding of Rome the guy who found Rome is Romulus however there are events that leads up to the founding of RomeVirgil The AeneidVirgil was a poet that wrote the Aeneid The Aeneid is a poem that tells the legendary story of Aeneas a hero of the Trojan War and how he travelled to Italy where he became the ancestor of RomeAeneas he is a hero of the Trojan war that fled Troy during the massacre along with his son Ascanius and his father Anchises he was born from a mortal father Anchises and a Goddess Venus Aphrodite half god half mortal They set foot on Carthage where Juno Hera made the Queen of Carthage Dido marry Aeneas However Jupiter Zeus told him to secretly sneak away to find his own land Queen Dido commits suicide and curses at Aeneas which will cause war with Rome after centuriesAeneas finds the land in Italy called Latium Aeneas marries Lavinia the daughter of the king of Latium because the king heard a prophecy that his daughter will marry a man from another land However Lavinia was supposed to marry a king from a different land The fianc of Lavinia gets enraged and attacks Aeneas Aeneas prevails and defeats them Aeneas then called the land Lavinium after his wife Aeneas Son Ascanius left his mom Lavinia in charge of Lavinium and found the city of Alba Longa and became its first king and had a son named SilviusLivy ab urbe condita is a book that describes the legend of Aeneas all the way through founding of Rome by RomulusNumitor and AmuliusNumitor and Amulius were twins that were born in the generations of kings of Alba Longa Amulius was the evil brother as he murdered Numitors sons and exhiled him out of the city then he entrapped Numitors virgin daughter Rhea Silvia in a tower MarsAres the god of War saw the beautiful Rhea and impregnated her When Amulius saw that Rhea was pregnant he ordered for her and her twin childrens death Rhea died and the twin baby was left in a basket beside the Tiber river during the floodRomulus and Remus The twin brother Romulus and Remus was carried down the Tiber river in a basket until it reached a region south of Alba Longa that will later be called Rome A shewolf named Lupa meaning prostitute adopts them as cubs and raises them A Sheppard named Faustalus sees the twins and raises them because it is more suitable for a human to raise them Faustalus was in a region still under control of AmuliusThe twins were named Romulus and Remus after the word Ruma which means tit the twins were seen as natural leaders and people recognized them as having a differnt bloodline because they were too good to be the sons of a Sheppard Later they discover what happened in the past and kills Amulius and delivers Amulius head on a platter to Numitor Then they deny the throne and lead on to find their own landThey reach the place where the Tiber river carried them to the shewolf Romulus goes to Palatine hill and Remus goes to Aventine hill to seek vultures to compete who will be the rightful king Remus spot 6 and Romulus says he spotted 12 People say Romulus might have lied Some time later fight occurs Remus jumps over Romulus wall and Romulus chops him in half and says sic deinde quicumque alius transiliet moenia mea which meansand so be damned whoever shall jump over my walls Romulus finishes the wall and named it Rome after his name Official date of founding of Rome is 21 April 753 BCLecture2Archaic Italy and Sight of Rome around 13001100 BC Trojan War Occurs 350000 BP devils footprints were found possibly people running away from volcanoes 100000 BP Neanderthals skulls were found in site of Rome 4000 BC we start to see evidence of agriculturearound 2000 BC they find copper tools and there are specialization they also find decorations 1800 BC we find Bronze age Bronze tool innovation in metal works from 1800 BC to 1300 BC they find that there are trades between cities or people moving to cities in middle Bronze age influences from other cities like Mycenae and indoEuropeans are shown Mycenaeans came to trade and Indo Europeans came to settle This is called Apennine Culture because the route to Latium was in Apennine mountain different Type of Indo Europeans from central Europe started interacting around end of Bronze age This is called Urnfield culture because these people cremated their death All of these culture creates Latial culture around 900 BC they encounter Villanovan culture Early iron age Phoenicians came in looking for metals and Etruscans were more advanced group in Italy 800 BC Greeks divide to put more footholds in Italy they settled in Sicily Early Romans called Sicily Magna Graecia Great Greeks because there were so many Greeks around 750 BC
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