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Roman CivilizationTuesday January 10th 2012What have the Romans ever done for uspopulation of 75 million to 100 million people3500 people per acreRomans had a very complex cultureRoman empire stretched from britain spain africa turkey so the cultures were very variedRoman assimilated cultures and kept what they likedFounding of Rome is 753 bcConstantinople fell out of Roman power in 1453 adSanstillion and his legal codexRoman language LatinLanguages derived from latin Spanish french Romanian portugeuseRomans created aqueductscreated indoor plumbingcreated concreteinvented the arches so the weight would be distributed in structures allowing pillars to be more decorativeMythological Founding of RomeRomulus founded RomePoet Virgil and his The Aeneid and poet Livy and his Ab urbe condita tell us how Rome was foundedAeneas hero of the Trojan WarSon of Anchises and AphroditeAeneas was lost and there was a prophesy that he was going to bring down TroyTakes the Spartans Queenat the end of the 10 year war they give them a horse and come out of the horse at night and siege the cityAscaniusIulusIulus is a hero Half man half godEnds up in Carthage Aeneas doesMakes the Queen fall in love with him but leaves at nightGoes to Sicilygoes to Latium which is ruled by King LatinusKing Latinus has a daughter named Lavinia who was promised to another manAeneus married LaviniaOther man finds out Tribe leader and they end up going to war against each otherAeneus wins but King Latinus dies in battleAeneus ends up kingAeneus changes name of Latium to Lavinium in honor of his wife and LatinusRules for a little and diesAscanius son of Aeneus takes overFinds new land Alba LongaLatin kings earliest kings of the region for the Romans13th and 14th descendants of the kings Numitor and AmuliustwinsNumitor was the good twin amulius was the evil twinAmulius kills all of Numitors sons and takes his daughter Rhea Silvia and imprisons her as a virgin and promised her to the godsMars god of war notices herRapes herRhea Silvia is pregnant and has childrenAmulius is upset and orders all 3 to be executed by drowning
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