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University of Ottawa
Classical Studies

January182011ClassFourCLA2101Not only important that something happened but alsoWhen it happenedTimeline textbook xxxxivWhere it happenedMaps textbook 108206218Herodotus At this point I found myself compelled to express an opinion which I know most people will object tonevertheless as I believe it to be true I shall not suppress it If the Athenians through fear of the approaching danger had abandoned their country or if they had stayed there and submitted to Xerxes there would have been no attempt to resist the Persians by sea And in the absence of a Greek fleet it is easy to see what would have been there course of events on land However many lines of fortification the Spartans had built across the Isthmus they would have been deserted by their confederatesnot that their allies would have wished to desert them but they could not have helped doing so because there one by one they would have fall victim to the Persian naval power Thus Spartans would have been left aloneIn view of thison is surely right in say thatGreece was saved by AthensIt was the Athenians who held the balance whichever side they joined was sure to prevail It was the Athenians too who having chosen that Greece should live and preserve her freedom roused to battle the other Greek states which had not yet submitted It was the Athenians whodrove back the Persian king Not even the terrifying warnings of the after GodOracle at Delphi could persuade them to abandon Greece They stood firm and shad the courage to meet the invader
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