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Periclean AthensDivision of LabourMen of the family was responsible for providing raw materials for the family food wool etcThe women were to transform these raw materials Wives were responsible of the householdThey did spinning to make material as well as weavingNaughty women on pottery for men portrayal of prostitutes and slavesDemographyAverage for men was 45Average for women was 362 Average women bore 43 children only 2 would surviveInfantchild mortality was extremely high men married around 30 women at 15Deathcommon for women to die in childbirth men in battledead warriors usually buried on home soil Funeraldead body washed by women and dressed in white laid on bedfemale family members tore hair scratched cheeks and sang lamentshired professional mourners to follow funeral processiondead were either cremated or inhumed Kerameikos cemetery Trade and commerce
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