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Classical Studies
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thJanuary 9ProsePoerty1Noveldramatragedy comedyJournals diarieslyricTechnical treatisesepicHistoriographysatirespeeches letteres lecturespastoralphilosophydidactic biography epigramsshprt satirical inscriptions240 BCE180 CEIn terms of SPOKEN language latin began to spiral in late antiguity500 600 700thPetrarch 14 centurythDa Vinci 15 centuryLivius AndronicusOdusiafrom near Tartentumslave bornTell me the man Muse the cunning oneVirum mini Camena insece versutumsymmetrical apostrophe to the Muse accustaive alliteration rhyme COD framing unityOdusia written in Saturnian Versenot hexamtre like Homermerging of GreekItalianLatin culture even on a biographical levelinfluence of Greek authors is reoccurantIntertexuality interation of two texts Dialogue between two texts Intentional and unintentionalNaeviusEpic about the Punic Wars He wrote LupusRomulusQ Ennius239169 BCEAlso near Tarentumbasically claiming he was Homer rebornLucretius On The Nature Of Thingsbelieves the soul dies with the bodypraises Ennius success skill sa a poet and yet does not agreewith the transference of soulsFor the Romans Homer was not just admired for his epics but percieved as a teacher for all disciplines including natural philosophy etcthJanuary 12 Roman Theatremetre long and short syllablesFirst Roman play Livius Andronicus The occaison for which was the Roman games after their victory over Carthagedont know which one he put on in 240 BCEHis plays include Equinos Troianus Achilles Aigisthus AjaxThe Roman GamesseptemberLudi Megalenses great motherLudi Apollinares ApolloLudi Plebii Jupiter Minerva JunoCompitaliaFloraliaThese games occasions for the staging of dramaIcon maskscomic and tragic open mouthvoice projectionOf the 3 Greek tragedians Euripides was the most important for Andronicus He put more emphasis on emotionsaudience reactionhe was the most tragicthAfter 5 century Athenstragedians developed in 5 actshistorical subject mattercicra 235 231Technical Term Facula PraetextaEnnius Tragedies Achilles Ajaxhe loved Homerbefore 240BCE364 bceEarly ReublicLivyRome as struck by plagueno solutionLicy History of Rome 723Men turned to scenic entertainmentsludi scaenici in order to placate gods and end the pestilenceReligious and social functiontheatreactorsetruscans
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