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Glossary of Mythological WordsPart 1 Introduction and CreationConnection with Greek Mythology ReligionContemporary meaningAegisA protective goat skin related to goat Security protection patronageAmaltheiaAllegoryA theory according to which the meaning ofthe myth is not to be taken literally Saying something different from what appears to be saidAmbrosia Nonmortal The nutrition of the godsAmbrosial anything fit for the gods anything delicious or fragrantAnthropomorphism Anthropo human morph shapeIt refers to the perception of divinities as having human form and qualities Atlas From the name of the Titan who was punished A collection of geographical maps Through a thto hold the vault of heavens on his shouldersmistaken notion during the 16 century that Atlas held the earthAutochthon Auto selfchthon soilA native aboriginal personone sprung from the soil he inhabits the land itself thus claiming ownership of landsee alsochthonicChaoschaotic According to Hesiod a gaping void An unformed mass of elements in disorder a the starting point of creationdisorder a state of confusionCapricorn The constellation related to the goat A constellation and astrological signAmaltheia and her broken hornCapricornus Latin for goat hornZeus placed her in the sky to honor herCornucopia Latin for the abundance of the horn Horn of plenty a basket full of fruits and Relate
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