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thSunday April 15 2012SCS 13200500 pmOn Perseus Medusa and PegasosWhat is the symbolic meaning of the way Perseus was conceived What motifs are present herePerseus was conceived when his mother Danae was locked in an underground chamber by her father Zeus appears as golden rain and impregnates her Prophecy motifs are present here an attempt by Danaes father Akrisios to bypass the prophecy that his grandchild will kill himWhich divine beings assisted Perseus voluntarily or not to accomplish his quest What magic objects did he obtainPerseus was assisted by Athena Hermes and the Nymphs Hermes leads Perseus to the Graeae he steals their eye which leads him to a the cap of invisibility b winged sandals and c a magic pouch Hermes also gives him a sickleWhat beings emerged after Medusas decapitation How do you explain that one of them was a horseOut of Medusas head sprang Chrysaor a man with a golden sword and the winged horse Pegasus Pegasus can be explained because Medusa and Poseidon had sexMedusas head retained its power even after Medusas death Give examples and explain themMedusas blood fallen on the sand came the poisonous snake of Libya Atlas was turned into stone when Perseus showed him Medusas head Her gaze created coral turned the seaweed hard and sucked up all the blood Medusas blood can be used for poison or for healingWhich hero rode Pegasos according to the ancient sources Who helped him tame Pegasos What monster did he kill What kind of hubris did this hero commit laterAccording to ancient sources Pegasos was ridden by Bellerophon Athena helped Bellerophon tame Pegasos Bellerophon killed a monster called the Chimaira Later in life he believed that he could get above himselfBellerophon attempted to fly to Olympos On HeraklesWhat does the name of Herakles may mean and whyHerakles means the glory of Hera because he was brought up to Olympos by Hermes and put on Heras breast to become powerful and immortalDespite the great oath of Zeus thatthis daythe goddess of labour will bring into the light a baby born of a family with my blood in its veins who will have dominion over all his neighborsIliad 19102104 Herakles never became the king of mighty Mycenae or Argos What happened and the oath was not fulfilledHera robbed him of his true inheritance for Zeus had meant him to be lord of the surrounding peoples But on the day when his birth was expected he mentioned this and Hera tricked him into an ambiguous oath Menippe the wife of Sthenelos was seven months gone with child as her husband was of the blood of Perseus the son of Zeus and Danae the conditions would be fulfilled if she that day bore a son Hera sent the Eileithyai to delay the birth of Alkmenes children and bring Menippes into the world before his time She bore Eurystheus who thus got the benefit of the oath of Zeus
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