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1STSTUDY GUIDE FOR THE 1 MIDTERM MULTIPLE CHOICES EXAM You will find the answers in the ppt slides posted on the Virtual Campus and your personal notes and your textbook BuxtonYou will be tested on some terms and meaning of words For a glossary see the file Glossary of Mythological Words posted on BLACKBOARD For images stsee the BLACKBOARD file Images for the 1 midterm Which are the geophysical characteristics of Greece that have influenced Greek civilization and howWhen we talk about the civilization of ancient Greece we do not refer only to the territory labeled Greece in modern maps What areas are included as part of ancient Greek civilization See p 19 and the map on p1213 Note also the two names GreeksGreece and HellasHellenes Do not confuse Hellenic with HellenisticBe familiar with the chronological periods and approximate dates of Greek CivilizationBRONZE AGEWhat were the differences between the Minoan and the Mycenaean CivilizationWhy are they called Minoan and MycenaeanWho were the IndoEuropeansWhat are the different origins of Greek MythsTHE DARK AGE referred also as IRON AGEWhere did the Greeks establish coloniesAround 800BC at the end of the Iron Age or at the beginning of the Archaic the Greek Alphabet was introduced to Greece What was its origin How many letters in the Greek AlphabetARCHAIC PERIOD During that period and especially around the 6th century there was a crystallization of the Greek common identity What were the common bonds that strengthened the Greek identity especially after the 6th century BC CLASSICAL PERIOD thWhat are the two decisive historic events during the 5 century BCHELLENISTIC PERIODWhat is the definition of myth p18 How has the meaning of the word mythos changed from the Homeric Epics to our modern era What is the Platos contrast between mythos and logosWhat are the characteristics of mythTypes of MythsWhat are the characteristics of a divine myth a legend or a folktale What does etiology mean Xenophanes was one of the first Greek philosophers to criticize the anthropomorphism of gods in myths What was his opinionPlatos criticism was even more severe What did he believe p4041
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