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Glossary of Mythological Words 3.docx

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University of Ottawa
Classical Studies

rdGlossary of Mythological Words for FINAL 3 part on heroesContemporary meaning andConnection with Greek Mythology Religion derivativesapotheosisThe elevation of a mortal to divine status In addition to being awarded a divine Herakles after his death became a god and joined status after death we use the word today the Olympiansto describe thehighest point in the development of something a culmination or climax his appearance as Hamlet was the apotheosis of his careerAn object that is believed to avert evil and protectapotropaicsomeone against harm The MedusasGorgons head placed on shields or buildings had these qualitiesThe magical ship that Jason used for his Argoexpedition The word indicates something quick and swiftThe finest most excellent moments that a hero aristeiacan have in battleThe 12 athloi labours of HeraklesThe word Athletics athleteathlos plural athloiindicates an action that requires a strenuous and physical and sometimes mental effort in order to be completed The nymph who lived on the remote paradisiacal There is no connection between the Calypsoisland of Ogygia and kept Odysseus as her lover nymph Calypso and the Africanfor 7 years Her name means the hidden oneCaribbean music and dance except as a misnomer ChimaeraA firebreathing female monster with a lions A thing which is hoped for but is illusory head a goats body or a goat head in the middle or impossible to achieve the economic and a serpents tail defeated by Bellerophonsovereignty you claim to defend is a chimeraclueA ball of thread or yarn that Ariadne gave to Anything that serves to guide or direct in Theseus to help him find his way in and out of the the solution of a problem mystery etclabyrinth Ec stasis out of the normal state of mind Ecstatic elated overjoyedecstasissignifies an intensified trance like religious Ecstacy a drug that alters consciousness experience where the follower achieves spiritual and may cause euphoria diminish awareness through the power of a divine being anxiety feelings of compassion but may usually Dionysus or Apolloalso lead to depression andimpaire attentionEntheosgod is within refers to a initiated in a Excitement zeal passionenthusiasmcultic ritual usually of Dionysus who becomes possessed by the divinity andis exalted by being united with godMedusa was one of the 3 Gorgons the only The gargoyles on churches and buildings Gorgon gorgoneiummortal sister that was decapitated by Perseus The are grotesque figures and their function Gorgons were depicted in ancient Greek art as is apotropaic The name gorgon and grotesque winged women with snake hair large gargoyle may come from the same root Gorgon gorgoneium bulging eyes wide open mouths with tusks and iethe grotesque something ugly and continuedlolling tongueThe gorgoneiums refer to the monstrousthat causes fear It may also 1
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