Welsh Language and Culture I

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19 Apr 2012

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CLT1120---Exam Review
Unit 9-- Possessions and relations
Mae gen I ______ I've got a _____
Mae gynnon ni____ We've got a _____
Does gen i ddim ____ I haven't got a ______
Does gynnon ni ddim ____ We haven't got a car _____
Oes gen ti _____? Have you got a ________?
Oes gynnoch chi _____? Do you have a _________?
Oes (yes) Nac oes (no)
Mae gen I un hogan I've got one daughter
un hogyn I've got one son
Mae gynnon ni ddwy hogan We've got two daughters
ddau hogyn We've got two sons
Does gen i ddim plant I haven’t got any children
Oes gen ti/ gynnoch chi blant? Do you have children?
Oes/ Nac oes Yes/No
Mae gynno fo gi He's got a dog
Mae gynni hi gath She's got a cat
Mae gynnyn nhw blant They've got kids
Does gynno fo ddim problem He hasn't got problem
Does gynni hi ddim pres She hasn't got $$
Does gynnyn nhw ddim amser They haven't got time
Oes gynno fo gi? Does he have a dog?
Oes gynni hi gath? Does she have a cat?
Oes gynnyn nhw blant? Do they have any kids?
Deialog- A: Oes gynnoch chi blant?
B: Nac oes, does gynnon ni ddim plant. Ond mae gynnon ni lawer o
A: Faint o anufeiliad sy gynnoch chi?
B:Mae gynnon ni ddwy gath a dau gi. Oes gynnoch chi anifeiliaid?
A: Oes a nac oes: mae gynnon ni dri hogyn a dwy hogan!
B: Wel, does gynnoch chi ddim llawer o amser sbar, 'ta.
A: Nac oes, does gen i ddim amser sbar ond mae gen i gur pen!
Dialog- A: Do you have children?
B: No, no we've have no children? But we have a lot of animals
A: How many animals do you have?
B: We've got two cats and two dogs. Do you have any animals?
A:Yes and no, we have three boys and two girls!
B: Well, you don't have a lot of free time, yeah?
A: No, I have no spare time but I have a headache!
Unit 10-- Revision and extension
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Oes gen ti ddiddordebau? Have you got any interests?
Oes/Nac oes Yes/No
Dw i'n hoffi nofio. I like swimming.
Lle wyt ti'n mynd i nofio? Where do you go swimming?
Dw I'n mynd I'r ganolfan hamdden I go to the leisure center
Efo pwy wyt ti'n mynd I nofio Who do you go swimming with
Dw I'n mynd I nofio efo I go swimming with a friend
ffrind ar fy mhen fy hun on my own
Oes gynnoch chi amser? Have you got time?
Oes gynnoch chi ddigon o amser? Have you got enough time?
Oes gynno fo bres? Has he got money?
Oes gynnoch fo _ormod o bres? Has he got too much money?
Mae gen ddigon o blroblemau I've got plenty of problems
Does gynnon ni ddim digon o le We haven't got enough room/space
Mae gynnoch chi _ormod I waith. You've got too much work
Does gynnyn nhw ddim gormod o waith They haven’t got too much work
Faint o blant sy gynnoch chi? How many children do you have?
Mae gen I ddau o blant I have two children.
Mae gen I hogyn a hogan I have one son and one daughter
Mae gen I ddau hogyn a dwy hogan I have two sons and two daughters
Mae gen I dri hogyn ac un hogan. I have three sons and one daughter
Sut mae'r tywyd heddiw What's the weather like today
Mae hi'n rhy boeth It's too hot
rhy heulog too sunny
rhy wyntog too windy
Sut oedd y What was the weather
tywydd ddoe? like yesterday
Roedd hi'n oer iawn It was very cold
stormus iawn very stormy
wlyb iawn very wet
Y presennol/ Present Tense
Dw I'n mynd
I'm going out
Dw I ddim yn hoffi nofio
I don't like going
Dw I'n mynd I siopa?
I'm going shopping?
Rwyt ti'n
You are...
Dwyt ti ddim yn
You don't…..
Wyt ti'n…?
Are you…?
Mae o'n Dydy o ddim yn Ydy o'n…?
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He is He isn't Does he…?
Mae hi'n
She is...
Dydy hi ddim yn
She does not
Ydy hi'n…?
Is she.…?
Dan ni'n
We are
Dan ni ddim yn
We do not….
Dan ni'n…?
We are…?
Dach chi'n
You do
Dach chi ddim yn
You do not
Dan chi'n…?
Do you…?
Maen nhw'n
They are
Dyn nhw ddim yn
They do not
Dyn nhw'n…?
Are they...?
Y tywydd/ the weather
Mae hi'n braf
It's nice
Dydy hi ddim yn
It's not cloudy
Ydy hi'n gymylog?
Is it cloud?
Roedd hi'n sych
It was dry
Doedd hi ddim yn oer
It wasn't cold
Oedd hi'n gynnes?
Was it warm?
My fydd hi'n
It will be windy
Fydd hi ddim yn
It won't be misty
Fydd hi'n stormus?
Will it be stormy?
Mae gen I gar
I have a car
Does gen I ddim
I don't have a car
Oes gen I car?
Do I have a car
Mae gen ti gar
You've got a
Does gen ti ddim ''
You don't have
Oes gen ti '' ''
Do you have
Mae gynno fo
He has a
Does gynno fo '' ''
He doesn't have
Oes gynno fo''
Does he have
Mae gynni hi ''
She has
Does gynni he '' ''
She doesn't have
Oes gynni hi ''
Does she have
Mae gynnon
We have
Does gynnon ni ''
We don't have
Oes gynnon ni
Do we have...
Mae gynnoch Does gynnoch chi Oes gynnoch chi
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