CMN2168 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mansbach, Bretton Woods System, Periphery Countries

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Part 3: essay (10%), short essay about 500-800 words. Part 1: definitions (5%), using your own words define 5 of the following. 10 terms in 1 or 2 short sentences. You should allocate 20 minutes for this section. Part 2: short answer (10%), compare and contrast any two of the following concepts/ questions in a single paragraph of 200-300 words. Be sure to define the terms, and explain the significance and applicability of how these terms work together within the broader course themes of communication/ globalization of the 3 questions. Make sure to reference theorists and ideas covered in class. Carefully plan each answer to make sure it is logical and coherent. Define terms when necessary and make clear connections. Key lecture points: globalization as an object of study : globalization is fundamentally tied to the development of capitalism and dependant on communications technologies, wallerstein and peripheral, semi-peripheral, and core states/ firms.