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CMN 2173 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cultural Imperialism, No Logo

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CMN 2173
Dina Salha
Study Guide

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Mid-term 2 review
Definitions where you give 4 pertinent information about a concept or a
theory, etc.
Ex: Political advertising: Frankfurt school and advertising
take a concept and say please give me 4 characteristics or info that are
directly connected to the idea of political ad (for e.g.). Political ad is an
approach to advertising.
Looking for something that identifies political ad.
So it could be the definition of it, techniques.
See the info or chracteristics that are imp to political ad and they have to
be distinct from each other.
Frankfurt school for e.g. and media advetising
Frankfurt school is a critical theory that came from germany
Looks at the media as distraction
2 reasons why it looks at the media as distraction.
Concept of culture under cultural imperialism
culture as a national culture
culture as media-centric
culture as coming from prohibition and so forth
Specific pieces of information!!
Short answers where you address a particular argument in readings or
you explain the relevance of a theory or an approach.
Example: In chapter 3 of AS, what are the main arguments against and for
children's advertising.
Name 4 technique of advertising for children and give examples
present with the argument of the reading...or compare the arguments for and
Long answer: when you combine explanations of theory and a case or
your expand on an argument in a critical manner.
Example: In No logo, the argument is that advertising is reducing public
space and that this is dangerous to democratic processes. Explain why? Do
you agree or disagree? Justify your answer.
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find more resources at
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