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CMN 3104 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Heteronormativity, Focus Group, Gender Studies

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CMN 3104
Dina Salha
Study Guide

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Quiz 2
1.!Drawing on Chapter 6.7, The new gay domesticity: homonormativity in
ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, explain how Kevin and Scotty challenge
conceptions of home as a heterosexualized space, but also reproduce a
new form of homonormativity.
2.!Based on the May 26 guest lecture about films portraying gendered
violence, identify and explain one of the key differences between the films
shown and discussed in class – The Stoning of Soraya M and
3.!Based on the May 28th guest lecture about female celebrity, name and
briefly explain THREE of the FIVE different audience perspectives on
celebrity identified by Joshua Gamson (1994) in his focus group studies.
4.!Drawing from class lectures, define the monstrous feminine and the two
distinct representations of women in horror films.
5.!Judith Butler criticized feminist theory and introduced the concept of
gender performativity. Compare queer theory and feminist theory and the
contributions of the queer theory to gender studies.
6.!Chapters 8.1 ("Exploring Gay/Straight Relationships on Local Television
News") discusses how marginalized groups can appropriate media
production tools to tell stories or explore issues from their unique
perspective. Summarizing the major arguments from the text and using
specific examples from the text, compare Hamid Sinno’s case (Lebanese
Gay Idol) and the relationship and use of the media to infiltrate the
public sphere and manage competing representations. Explain why
having access to the means of production is important. Answers must
draw on specific details and evidence from the readings and lectures
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