CMN 3109 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Jürgen Habermas, Logic, Frankfurt School

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Lecture 2: journalism and conflict in the modern age (past 150 years) Modern war reportage: propaganda to journalism: reporters and war artists accompanied expedition west (louise riel, red river. Rebellion: reporters dispatched, mostly worked behind lines (borres, south africa, ww1: 1914 to 1917 for first two years of war there were no reporters from canada reporting on the war from the front lines. Defeating nazi germany didn"t seem like a sure thing. U-boats were sinking off the coast of atlantic canada. Editors cooperated: reaction from public (winnipeg strike in 1919). Soldiers came home to find the public had been fed a lie by the media. Over the course of the war journalists were no longer willing to be part of a lie: journalists shared images that eroded support back home. The military was no longer able to project to the public that this was a righteous cause. The most common reason given is national security.

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