CMN 3109 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines, Lifeworld, Public Sphere

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The meaning of work - key contention for indigenous peoples (lifeworld and system) [mechanisms based on marxist theories] [system is only supposed to be supporting the lifeworld] Lecture 10: guest lecture - the internet and egypt"s public sphere. The public sphere as an ideal type: virtual public sphere. Lecture 11: talk-shows in the middle east - emergence of and resistance to civil society. Technology within north-american mindset, media gained a particular status. Theories about social change became media centric, to the point where technological determinism was associated with social change. Introduction into new societies was believed to change these societies, as these societies will adapt to the requirements of the medium. This goes against the social-historical considerations of media communications within a social context. There are technical capacities that are applied to social needs. They link together the expression of personal experience with the personification of social issues and problems, providing relevance, and giving relevance to various voices.

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