CMN 4144 Study Guide - Summer 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Public Relations, Mass Media, Canada

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The role and nature of media relations in society. Whether in public, private, or non-profit settings, the scope of public relations activities is broad. Media relations remains critical to public relations practice and a key skill for organizational executives as well. Effective media relations has a measureable impact on both corporate reputation and financial performance. Pr practitioners are gatekeepers who constructs and controls the image of the organization for the public (or at least attempt to do so) Example = during the vietnam war: fewer reporters are now working for more media outlets than ever, though these outlets are owned by fewer owners. Content alone does not determine the prominence given to a particular news story. Elements that characterize a good news story include elements of drama and emotion, novelty, topical themes, local or relevant angles, universal appeal, and typically, conflict. Schudson points out that newsmaking is a complex, iterative, two-way process.

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