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Chapter 1 Communication and SocietyIntroduction 3 Main Points 1Communication is part of all social behavior2Communication encompasses both transmissions and transformation3At the highest level of generality the transformational dynamics of communication can be described by orally literacy and electronic process An EverChanging Communication Universe The internet offer many new services Internets offers a tremendous decentralizing and less controllable media environment But also like Radio WalkieTalkies Tv and NetworksCommunication and social behavior The medium through which a message is expressed transforms the contentThe AllPerversive Range of Influence of CommunicationReport by UNESCO The Macbrige ReportACommunication impinges on our lives along six dimensions The social political economic educational cultural and technologicalBTwo new additions Familial and individual The Social DimensionCommunication fills a social needFor Canada Communication is rooted to to transportation TrainsProvides information so society community or a group can coalesce and interact The Political DimensionCommunication is a political instrumentHistorically use of newspapers was for political influenceFreedom of information VS Privacy Companies want our information released to the public to use them in ad campaigns but they do not want to release the information we would like them to The Economic Dimension Communication is an economic forcePrivatized KnowledgeBased industriesKnowledge of market and trends The Educational DimensionCommunication has educational potentialNew communication technology benefits humans in two ways Medical Research and educational Pedagogy The Cultural DimensionCommunication is both an impulse and a threat to cultureDistributes information or items of quality widely VS Threatens or eclipses local culture The Technological DimensionCommunication also represents a technological dilemma Ex DHT Satellites VS Local cable companies The Familial or Primary Social Group DimensionKey words Changes the dynamics of a groupBy Communications integrated into family livingrooms in developed countries Exposure to different informationEx Correlation between obesity and Tv watching The Individuals DimensionCommunication both aids and constraints the development of individual identityCommunication as Transmission and as TransformationCommunication involves the transmission or carriage of informationTo communication is to extend knowledge Shannon and Weavers Model of Transmission 1949 works for engineers and technicians but not for sociologists BECAUSE it banishes transformative elements of communicationTransformationTo communicate is also to transformEx PoemSong VS BiographyPhotographThe Social model of communicationMcLuhan Made societies realize that media influenced and transformed us Sigmung FreudDreams and the UnconsciousGlobal Village Communication between 2 points anywhere on the globe instantlyNote Interesting because there was no computer in 1960 McLuhan made this assertion without knowledge of what the future held for the communications Different Means of CommunicationOral SocietyEpic poems AKA epic techniqueRhyming poems Storytellers and MinstrelsImpervious to power politicsGreece Oral Society says Harold InnisLiterate SocietyRomeLiterate says Harold Innis
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