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Chapter 6 Nonverbal CommunicationNonverbal communication messages expressed by nonlinguistic means93 of the emotional impact of a message comes from a nonverbal source where as only 7 is verbal When we speak a language with our hands or body NOT nonverbal communicationAffect displays we arent as good at reading nonverbal communication nonverbal cues associated to emotionThree reasons why we study nonverbal comm1 Primary way to communicate2 Plays a major role in relationship development3 Usually more believable than verbal communication we will always believe what we SEE over what we HEARCharacteristics of Nonverbal CommunicationAll behaviour has communicative value impossible to NOT communicate You can be sitting down and not saying anything but people may still be able to understand what or how youre feelingIe nervous anxious excitedNonverbal communication is primarily relational nonverbal communication plays a large role in identity management The first time we meet people and want to make a relationship we use nonverbal cues such as waving shaking hands clapping persons hand kissing hugging etc They also convey emotions that we may be unable or unwilling to express or that we may not even be aware of Non verbal communication is ambiguous open to many possible interpretations Better at identifying positive facial expressions over negative expressions Nonverbal communication is influenced by culture some signals are distinct and universalsmiling while othersgreeting eating are not Functions of Nonverbal CommunicationRepeating adding a word Ex Explaining directions and then pointing north after youve explained the directions
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