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CMN1148 What is communication The process of acting upon informationSomeoneSomething says or does something and others respond with words or actionsHuman CommunicationThe process of making sense out of the world and sharing it with othersInterpersonal CommunicationThe process of engaging in simultaneous and mutually influential interaction with othersFoundation of organizational communicationOrganizational Communication The process of making sense out of the world and sharing that sense with others in order to achieve mutual goals in organizational contextsWhy we communicatePhysical needsrequest for coffee and muffin at PivikIdentity needsjoining one of the cultural student organizations on campusSocial needscalling friend to ask if she plans to attend company barbeque Practical needspurchase of booksWhy ModelsExplain communication processesVisually depict relationshipsPinpoint reasons for breakdownsSome early models Classics in the fieldAristotleLasswellShannon and WeaverBerloSchrammDanceBarnlundAristotle A simple communication model with a sender transferring a message containing information to a receiverSpeaker speech audienceOne way and linearThree kinds of appeals that a speakercould useEthosSource credibilityPathosEmotional appealsLogosLogical appealsLasswell Communicator Who Message Says What Channel In what channelReceiver To Whom Effect With what effect Added concept of effectsOften applied in political contextsShannon Weaver Mathematical Model 1949Extended Aristotelian modelAdded concept of noise
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