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Chapter 5 LanguageLanguage is a foundation for our personal relationships and it is a tool for expressing and understanding who we areRules of language1Language is symbolic words are arbitrary symbols that have no meaning in themselves For example sign language the number 5 can also be represented by the number of fingers we put up 2Language has rules make communication be possible by making rules that everyone can agree uponaPhonological rules govern how sounds are combined to form words For example champagne occasion and double are all words that are written the same in French and English but are pronounced differentlybSyntactic rules govern the way symbols can be arranged For example 1 Whiskey makes you sick when youre well 2 Whisky when youre sick makes you well cSemantic rules govern the meaning of statementsFor example we know that books are meant for reading and that MEN and WOMAN are the room we choosedPragmatic rules tell us what interpretations of a message are reasonable in a given situationFor example the relationship between the communicators plays a large role in determining the meaning of a statementSetting can also affect ie cocktail party or a business office The coordinated management of meaning CMM theory describes some types of pragmatic rules that operate in everyday conversations BossEmployeeContentYou look very pretty todayActual wordsSpeech actCompliment an employeeUnknownIntent of a statementRelational ContractBoss who treats Subordinate employee employees like family dependent on bosss
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