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CMN 1160AIntroduction to Media Studies LectureReading NotesWeek 2Social and Cultural FormsSocietythe body of the institutions and relationships within which people live the conditions in which relationships are formedCulturethe process of intellectual spiritual and aesthetic development particular way of lifePop Culturesystems that are made for the people speaking to the people culture that is widely liked by many people mass culture culture that originates from the peopleImportant roles in society Form of public discussion shaper of opinionsMedia Studiesproduction side of mass cultureCultural studiescritical of all attention being placed on the productions need to look at how those products are consumedinterpretedSocial Roles of MediaPublic Sphereabstract concept on how societies and cultures debate on large form of opinion formationThis exercise inpublic opinion formation is what makes people sovereign and what gives authority to the stateoThe media informs the public of what the government is doing and the media informs the government what the public is thinkingHabermasIn order for the public sphere to workoNeeds to be universalaccessible to all citizensoEqualityeveryone has the same rights not everybody is able to exercise those rights in the same wayoThese debates are rational and critical the best argument wins outMedias role is to interpret events for us and to inform us of those eventsTwo Step Flow ModelKatzLazersfeldAsked hundreds of people how do you form your opinionsoIt came from somebody else opinion leadersDeveloped the 2 step flow modeloMedia focuses on opinion leaders opinion leaders filter down the information to everybodyA lot of advertising and marketing companies are based on the 2 Step Flow ModelCharacteristics of MediaOral CommunicationReflects our lived cultural patternsour social normsCan facilitate or disrupt social relations help build sense of communityLiterate CommunicationProsenature of writing logic of wordsPoetryevoking emotion in a particular contextElectronic CommunicationBroadcastone to many radio TVPoint to Pointone to one telephoneNetworkone to one one to many many to many internetMedia and Social FormHarold InnisRelationship between media and the rise and fall of civilizationMediums of communication are biastowards time or spaceoThese biases determine how knowledge get inseminated throughout cultures or societiesoOral communication literate communication3 basic questionsoHow do specific communication technologies operateHeavy communication infrastructures and biased towards timesLight communication are biased towards spaceoWhat assumptions do they takecontribute to societyWe need to understand not only the physical but how its used and how its institutionalized within societiesoWhat forms of power do they encourageConcerned with duration over time and expansion of the spaceTechnologies influence societies societies influence technologiesInnisEmpire oDominant media that was used when the empire was decliningoCan we change the patterns of communication that go hand in hand with the declines of these empiresoConcern is from oral society to literate societyIf people are more bound together they are influenced by traditionOral societies are more stable more humanistic whereas literate societies are much more formalized and impersonalOral societies are bias towards time lasting longer and not spreading outWith the emergence of literate society comes written lawWritten world entails a very particular way or thinking when we write we try to have a very linear and logical flowMcLuhanHow media affects us psychologically with the first look into electronic communicationChanges of communication mediumschanges on society and cultureViews technology as extensions of the human bodyContent is not important it is the media that is importantHistoryoGutenberg Pressadvent of the book brought dramatic changes in human consciousness
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