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Reading 6 p3952International communication and developmentCold war divided EastWest blocsThird World product of the Cold War by Alfred Sauvy in 1952 when the world was divided intocapitalist First World and Communist Second World NonAligned Movement through the group of 77 which is a loose coalition of developing nations est 1964 demanded more economic justiceUN approved creation of NWEO New World Economic Order in 1974Redefines international relations after the Second World War its now a NorthSouth Dividenot and EastWest Chilean scholar Juan Somavia believes that transnational communication system has developed with the support and at the service of power structure Its an integral part of the system which affords the control of that key instrument of contemporarysociety information It is the vehicle for transmitting values and lifestylesto Third World countrieswhich stimulate the type of consumption and the type of society necessary to the transnational system as a wholeDeveloping countries highlighted the structural inequalities in international communication but with technical and financial support from the West they used communication technologies for development promoting literacyinformation about healthcare spreading consumerism Satellite TV was given a lot of attention frompolicy makersbecause it was considered a powerful medium that could be used for educational purposeschange social and cultural attitudesof traditional people
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