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Lecture 3Messages can shape public opinion which is the basis of democracy propaganda and persuassion are very similiar they both aid to influence our opinions they want to convince you that something is bad or that something is goodthey both share the idea that the message goes from one source to many and we cannot respond to the sender it is nonreciprocal They are differentpropaganda tries to sell you something cohersion is involved persuassion tries to persuade you psychologically Propaganda is a certain type of message with a general meaning depending on context propaganda can be the content of the messageany thought or idea sent from a source to a reader but also its actual presentation Behaviourism is the ability to observe individuals or groups scientifically and explained Gustave Le Bon wrote on book on how crowds behave called The psychology of the crowdhe said that crowds are very emotional and lose control Stimulusresponse theory theory became more advanced after particular events radio broadcast in 1938 on Oct 30Mass Media is dangerousA study sponsored by the FCC based on the War of the Worlds Orsen Wellsthe research was done at Prinston University major area of research was on the impact of radio on the audienceit was called the invasion of marsstudy had 3 basic questionswhat was the extent of the panicwhy did this broadcast frightened some when other fictional broadcasts did notwhy did this frighten some but not othersthey found that 1 million ppl were frightend and paniced this caused panic because of the dramatic excellence radio has an accepted vehicle for announcements use of experts use of real places tuning in latereasons for fear confidence in radio historical timingsome did not panic because they had critical ability strong religious beliefs personality individuals susceptibilty This study was significant becuase it was the first panic study resulting from a mass medium psychological and social factors associated with panic behaviour selective influence confirmed legacy of fear of mass mediaPropaganda Films
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