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Chapter 8 summery notespgs 237251Qualitative Pg 237242seeing the world from the participants eyesit is a situated activity that locates the observer in the worldinvolves the use of a variety of empirical materials case study personal experience etcinvolves asking a question or presenting a problem collecting data anyalizing data and presenting the findingsit is a method in which it follows a linear formal one follows the otherextensive review of the literature at an early start to ensure the researcher is familiar with the different theoretical approaches as well as what other investigators have reported on the topic Quantitativein Qualitative research the literature review is carried out after the research has be conductedqualitative researchers believe they will be influenced by cultural beliefs as members of the culture because of this Qualitative researchers uses a process known as BracketingBracketing is a process set by the researcher to set aside bias and personal perspectives about the research topicIndividuals who participate in the research are referred to as Subjectsindividuals who participate in Quantitative research are referred to as Informants which are viewed as active participantsCollect data in natural settings called a field a natural setting i which people act as t
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