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University of Ottawa
Mary Hawkins

Non Verbal Communication Final April 20 cumulative 3hour exam 9:30 am Closed book exam True /False & multiple choice 100 questions What to Study * a lot on deception •Encoding , coding , decoding , the meaning •Harlem monkey study ( two fake parent monkeys , one provided food the other provided nothing and was made out of cloth , they gravitated towards the cloth because it was more comforting) • know the chapter on vocal cues in relation to non verbal communication •ex: vocal cues a number of different cues , answer : all of the above • know the impression management •ex: impression management is a critical component of non verbal communication the process occurs in two main stages ( Know the order) -impression formation , impression management •know credibility •ex: impression management is an individual attempt to exercise _______ control over •know the material of anxiety related to deception •5 Questions about micro-expressions presentations •Know the theories around micro-expressions (research and concepts) *course pack ( general questions ) • know difference between micro and macro expressions •perception and non verbal communication • ex: patients often rely on what communication as a source of pre interaction information • Eaves – study on non verbal communication and poker • why do people vocals change • questions related to the face • facial leakage ( unconscious information that reveals emotions and feelings) • terms ; false smile, ultraistic • scenarios, ex really likes new hair cut in order to maintain good relationship even though they don’t like it . answer : low stakes deception • Know your Stakes ( low stakes , high stakes ) • Mandler ( theorists) • William James ( theorists) • Women – global thinking , Men- linear thinking • Know about gender and culture proxemics ( according to research) • What is saving face ? answer : practice found in high context • Know about culture rules • ex :The attractive voice is defined as sounding more articulate , lower in pitch, lower in squeekyness ( True or False ) answer True • Anoli and Ciceri ( know their presepectives) • Machiavellianism ( look up theory) • Iceberg theory ( metaphor ) refers to answer: C) – most valuable information that is hidden at first glance • Know different body gestures and hand movements ( terms) • Areas of the face : eyes, mouth , cheek bones ( relationship in nv communication) •Know about non verbal communication and the environment ( key word : artifacts) • What do gestures reflect • Know about stereotypes in non verbal communication • Cross over between interpersonal and nonverbal • know about image in corporate enviroments ( traits) • know about different ways to determine deception • Job interviews : body language, appropriate/not appropriate • Power differences , asymmetrical , symmetrical Presentations Hilary Clinton Martha Stewart Karla Homolka Casey Anthony Micheal Jackson Koby Bryant OJ simpson Ben Johnston Jerry Sandusky Benjamin Netyanho Sarah Palin Marion Jones Encoding • must develop this skill to make effective use of the great functional potential of vocalic communication •is the process by which information from a source is converted into symbols to be communicated Decoding • must develop this skill to interpret accurately the important kinds of information being communicated to you •the opposite of encoding, converting the symbols back into information understandable by the receiver •Harlow experiment ( one mother made of wire but provided milk and protection to the monkeys , other mother made or rubber and terry cloth but provided no milk or protection to monkeys, monkeys still gravitated towards cloth mom because of comfort) Vocalic Communication •Sound communicates meaning •Vocal cues have three communicative functions 1) the emotion function 2) the impression management function 3) the regulatory function •Vocal cues serve the impression management function by exerting a major impact on 1) credibility 2) interpersonal attractiveness and 3)dominance Impressions Management •Process occurs in two main stages 1) impression formation 2) impression management •impression manager attempts to exercise conscious control over the impression he or she makes on the person they are communicating with Impression defined by four image dimensions Credibility Likability Interpersonal attractiveness Dominance •In order to make a desired impression , impression managers must carefully consider which impressions are consistent with their current reputation, known abilities and attitudes credibility •centrally important to impression managers •dimensions of credibility , competence, trustworthiness, dynamism •have positive eye behaviors, gestures, posture and voice Anxiety and Deception • lo
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