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NEW MEDIA REVIEW 1General workbookLegislative jurisdiction the authority a body of government possesses to pass lawBroadcasting is electronic not printed transfer of meaningSteps to reading cases1What are the issues and write it down2What is the outcome how was the issue resolved determined by the majority3Are there any dissenting opinions disagree with the majority outcome Majority though they have the same conclusions they have different reasons for arriving at these decisions4How does the technology work on a basic levelEffects social cultural political and economicPer referring to according toJJjustices Constitutive at the core of somethingLOCAL WORKS AND UNDERTAKINGs courts have to interpret such statutorylanguagethen there is no firm guidance section 92 sub 10Read in giving meaningStare decisisthe idea of a precedent a binding decisionPejorative Standing a third party to a case has been granted permission by an appeal court to intervene and make submissions to the court demonstrated to court that they have a significant interest in caseWho did what when scientology an hillNow concerned with publicationJan 12Office hours are after class by appointmentthNew media late 19 century the new begins there emerges with the printing press modern era development of steam engine telegraphThe telegraph allows in the modern error of comm late 1800sNo difference bw telegraph and blackberry fundamentallyphilosophicallyRelationship between human actors independent thinking conscious agent individuals communities and technologies understanding of effects how we relate to technologiesSeparate media technologies from the effectsWHAT IS THE NEATURE OF OUR RELATIONSHIP TO OUR TECHNONLOGYWe need to understand our technologies and how they work how do they facilitate communicationMedium mode by which we communicate meaning eg Art workCell convo vs cave painting starting point how a culture communicates meaningCulture collection of actors that join together to create a unique pertinent phenomenaCant richly understand current technologies without historical comparatorsCulture human constructionlived experienceSocial political economic philosophical understanding imminent critique engaging in a critique of a life experience difficult to analyze a situation that you are currently in philosophical critique by which you attempt to outside of a culture to properly perceive the meaning of it understanding the complexity of changeMarshall mcluen I dont know who discovered water but im sure it wasnt the fish have to get outside culture for proper vantage point cant do it when your emmersed into it leats able to appreciate its second nature just how things are2010 significant ruling from court of Queens bench in Alberta trial level court lowest level of courtPRIDGEN VS UNI OF CALGARYdoes university have the right of disciplining students for online expression of negative speech Hate speech potentially criminal speechSection 2b of the Canadian char of rights and freedoms freedom of speech and expression
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