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New media review 2January 31 2012What is the relevance of hertzian waves to new media ESSAY QUESTION Make reference to sections 91 and 92 and their relevant subsectionsMake connections and demonstrate mastery of materialNew media foundations and fundamentals that keeps recurring all of these new media are at their social economoois and political consequences are equivalent the implication that thye have on societyNew in the sense as new to a political historical periodTechnology as well as uses and effectsDifferent regulations1Law2Marketplace economics3Norms socialTwo basic types of law statutes and common lawCommon law is the big aspect of hillStaturatory is distinct codified connected with the common law but separateCommon law is developed over years judicial review interpretationof judgesPublic law regulates public affairs bw individuals and the state vs private law Public law constitution ss91 and 92 charterCharter section 2 bPrivate law tort law civil actionlaw regulates info among individuals groups includedRelationsbw partiesCharter is linking ground bw govt and individualsTort law concerns civil action defamation copyright lawMoving towards deffamtion law and its importance for the understanding of uses and effectsDefamatory stateme intentional publication with damamgaing effect an persosn reputationIntentional publication of an injurious false statementConstitution act1982Bna act 1867Difference is that the constitution act was repatriated ot TorontoDefamation term tog ive a phenomena with particular characteristicsintentional publication of an injurious false statementHill casefirst case that interprets the libel and slander act statutory lawInterpretation of ontarios libel and slander laws in relevance to the charter of rights and freedomsFreedom of expressin is being called into questionDefamation vs public lawSupremem court only agrees to hear cases in it offers a chance to interpret of clarify an important part of law set a precedentSupreme court is concerned with ontarios libel and slander laws through the charter of rightsConcerned with competing values creating a balance freedom of expression vs reputationThe concept of ones reputationio is the idea of individual integrityAt core of selfhood is ones reputationINTEGRITYCharter guarantees not absolute freedom of expression state can interfere is its reasonableAppellant morris manningin scientologyCasey hill is a crown attorney in Ontario hes a prosecutorCharter applies to govt action casey hill is a crown prosectutora employee of govt of OntarioCasey should enjoy greater charter protectiuon that the average
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