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University of Ottawa

Study NotesCMN 3109Quiz 2 Know Lerner and Modernization TheoryThe Rock n Rollpublic sphere reading Ch 12The reading about the decline of the public sphere and TV Ch 15 read 14 tooNeed to know about empathy and compare and contrast theoriesKnow civil society and its enemiesKnow Habermas and his ruptures with FrankfurtModernization TheoryThe process of economic social cultural and political development that leads to a level of organization and production along with belief systems similar to those in Western societyDeveloped by Daniel Lerner3 phases 1 Rural to urban migration 2 Improvements in literacy levels 3 Media participation and consumptionWhich leads to political participationCivil SocietyPublic life divorced from the state which emerged from capitalism The sphere in which one enters to protect individual and private property rightsOrganizations within civil society can challenge public authority and decision makingA group that shares a common set of goals values and beliefs Consists of professional associations worker unions trade unions etc Enemies to Civil Society a Despotism A country or state where a ruler holds absolute power b Revival of traditional republican civic virtues c Specific forms of nationalism Exclusionary nationalism eg fascism Nazism d Totalizing ideology eg communism socialism etc e Essentialist cultural ideals Caste systems eg India
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