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University of Ottawa

POST READING WEEK Oct 30 2012 A scan uses secondary research techniques Multiple media sources Federal government departmentHR Zero in on public opinion angle only Attitudes towards Economics inflation unemployment Social policy education quality of life security on streetsPolitical angle attitudes towards leader voting intent parties ideological meaning Why relevant to clientA COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR some marks for describing data but majority for describing why it is important to them Go to polling firms Stats Canada MACROECONOMICS GDP gross domestic product total value of all products sold within a time frame Want a positive number 34good growth rateThe plus means you are comparing time periods12slow growth rate 0 no growth Unemploymenttotal number of people looking for work divided by number of eligible workers 74data published monthly The true number of unemployment is actually higher because people that were not looking Inflationrefers tonet change in price to a fixed basket of goods over a period on time Right now in Canada probably around 18which is very lowDeflation is negative inflation 2 quarters of negative GDP a recession2 types of policymonetary policyand fiscal monetary policyBank of Canadamonitor inflationmanagement of interest rates mark carny manager Bank controlsinterest rates and money supply prime lending ratedone by 6 major banks decide to charge Regulating inflation Increase the interest rates will slow down borrowing of money which will slow down consumption Fiscal policygovernment of canada they can controlprogram spending and taxation
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