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Study Guides for Communication at University of Ottawa

CMN 4566 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Dune, La Question, State Agency For National Security

find more resources at Lanalyse de la rception dans le contexte des tudes culturelles Stuart Hall responsable du centre for Contemporary Cultural - Redfinition plus large de la culture...

CMN 4566
Athmane Chelbi
CMN 4568 Midterm: Review

find more resources at SEMAINE 2 : LE POINT 4 : DISCOURS DE TRUMANN : SAISIR LES ELEMENTS DE TRUMANN II- Linvention du dveloppement A- Le Point IV du prsident Truman Le Point IV du discours dinv...

CMN 4568
Modeste Mba Talla
CMN 3102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Random Assignment, Dependent And Independent Variables, Pocket Cube

Experimental Design Introduction - An experiment occurs when a researcher purposefully manipulates one or more variables in hopes of seeing how this manipulation effects change or the lack of change in other variables of i...

CMN 3102
Philippe Rousseau
CMN 3102 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pyrrhonism, Crisis Management, Scientific Method

CMN3102: Midterm Review Chapter 1 Empirical Research Introduction - How well do you use research? - You need to understand and analyze data - Studious inquiry or examination; especially investigation or experimentation aim...

CMN 3102
Philippe Rousseau
CMN 2132 Study Guide - Final Guide: Nonverbal Communication, Therapeutic Touch, Behaviorism

CMN2132 FINAL REVIEW 1. In therapeutic touch, the practitioner gently places his or her hands on key areas of the body. - False 2. One cultural group was noted to kiss both the lips and the chin at the same time. - True 3....

CMN 2132
Mary Hawkins
CMN 1148 Study Guide - Final Guide: International Monetary Fund, Generation Gap, Organizational Communication

Challenges: External (things that you have no control on) Internal challenges (what is happening within your organization) and individual challenges (encouraging employee) high performance work environment Because environm...

CMN 1148
Rumaisa Shaukat
CMN 3103 Study Guide - Final Guide: Research, Qualitative Property, Literature Review

CMN 3103 Qualitative Research Notes Lecture 1: Introduction September 10, 2018 Video: Harvard students accused of cheating - Open book, open internet, dont discuss with other students - Students accused of co...

CMN 3103
Ivan Katchanovski
CMN 3109 Study Guide - Final Guide: Idle No More, Arab Spring, Public Sphere

CMN 3109: Advanced Theories Lecture 1: September 5 , 2018 th The personal matters become political when they come out. Looking at social concerns through the lens of critical communication theories. Relation of media comm...

CMN 3109
Dina Salha
CMN 3109 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines, Lifeworld, Public Sphere

Lecture 9: Guest Lecture October 15, 2018 Topic Aboriginals & Northern Gateway Pipeline The meaning of work - key contention for indigenous peoples (lifeworld and system) [mechanisms based on Marxist theories] [system...

CMN 3109
Dina Salha
CMN 4100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Refugee Camp, Mark Bourrie, Force-Feeding

CMN 4100: Media and War Lecture 1: What is conflict journalism and why does it matter? September 5, 2018 Professor: Michael Petrou SMD 238 *No textbook* [readings posted online] *For Assignments: submit hard copy in class,...

CMN 4100
Michael Petrou

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