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The Positive School of Criminology LombrosoDeterminism and Lack of Free WillPositivism originated in the late 1800s with the Italian School of Criminal Anthropology Aimed to transform criminology into a penal science Effort to discover the naturalphysical laws that lay behind crime and punishment Influenced by the rise of science and especially Darwinism Refocused criminology from criminal behaviours Classicism to the individualLombroso believed that criminals were different than lawabiding people Criminals were not rational beings with a free will they were simply just born that wayLombroso concluded that criminals were throwbacks to an earlier stage of evolution or atavisms Lombrosos other variables influencing crime climate sex race education economic factors population density Charles ThomasJohn Hepburn were critical of the idea of positivism argued that the rise of the positive school had the effect of blocking any progre
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