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Chapter 6 Issues in Canadian PolicingPolice misconduct1What is occupational deviancy Criminal and noncriminal behaviour committed during the course of norm work activities or committed under the guise of the profile officers authorityMotivated by desire for personal benefit Example turn on sirens to get through traffic Take a bribe or stealing so drugs 2What are selective enforcement laws and give an example When an officer chooses what laws to enforce or who to enforce those laws on For example not following a rape case because the victim was a prostitute 3What is an abuse of authority Involves the application of various types of coercion when the police are interacting with citizens 4What are the 4 types of police coercionVerbal Physical Nonlethal Lethal Excessive force and Discretion5What does Taser stand for Thomas A Swift Electric Rifle6What 3 factors do police consider when deciding when to invoke there powers Type of crime committedAttitude of the citizen Departmental policies 7What two categories of police discretion did Goldstein1960 come up with 1 Invocation discretion refers to situations in which a police officer decides to arrest an individual 2 Noninvocation discretionrefers to a situation when an officer can arrest someone but chooses not to 8What is deadly force Force that is used with the intent to cause bodily injury or death Use of firearms with citizens9What defence was introduced in 1995 by parliament to try and stop police from using deadly force unnecessarily CC s 254 10What did the above defence say As much force as necessaryActs on reasonable grounds Necessary for protection11What province has the highest number of deadly force incidents Quebec 12What 3 elements are there that police officers have to consider when a situation arisesDeciding whether to get involvedDetermining how to behave Selecting one of the many alternatives Factors affecting decision to arrest13What two things can be considered situation variables determine if you are arrested or not Public vs private setting most more likely to be arrested in public because the crowd wants to see the police to take charge of the situationPresence of other officers vs being alonemore likely to be arrested if there is just one officer because they will feel more venerable 14What legal variables will affect if an arrest will happen or not The most serious the crime the more likely the officer is to arrest Strength of the evidence or witness will also determine if there is going to be an arrest15What are some extralegal variables Depends on the victim Relationship of the suspect and offendermore likely to arrest if it involves strangersDemeanour of the suspect if your nice or notRace class gender sexual orientation aboriginals are fucked if a women acts like a women they might not be as harsh if she smokes and is rude they will be harsherCharacteristics of the neighbourhood if you live in a bad neighbourhood youre more likely to be arrested because they believe individuals will resist authority16What are some community variables that affect arrest rates Ethnic and workingclass communitiesHigher rates of reported crimearrestsAttitudes of citizensreactive Local legal cultureinformal relationship bw local officials and police department 17What is police culture Refers to accepted practices and rules that guide their conduct Shared values and beliefs that come from their job Within the police department they become from close and isolated from society 18What are the 6 values of police culture1Police are the only real crime fighters
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