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Key NamesCesare BeccariaWrote Essays on Crime and Punishment an influential work in the classical period Seven main ideas no one should be exempt from the law there is consensus about the need to protect property and persons to prevent a war of all against all we freely enter into a social contract with the state and give up some freedoms punishment must be exercised by the state to deter crime punishment must be proportional to the crime there should be as little law and as much due process as possible all individuals are responsible for their actions and all should be treated equallyCesare Lombroso Wrote LUomo Deliquente 1876 An Italian doctor who worked with both soldiers and prisoners and decided to compare them Concluded that criminals were atavists less evolved people who display physical marks of their criminality called stigmataJeremy Bentham1748 to 1832 developed prescriptions for fitting punishments to crimes and deterring crimi
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