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CRM1The Psychology of the Dark KnightHeroism fear darkness inside us all through batmanFear is a fundamental psychology of childhoodNotion of choice alternatives of good or evil life or deathKids personalize events and take responsibility for themHis fear caused the events death of Bruce Waynes parentsTrauma can be a positive or negative passionWanted to avenge his parents death to create justice and security for himselfTake the law into his own hands vigilanteTeddy Roosevelt resembles BatmanExposure face your fears and you will become less to not afraidStay with fear until you realize you are okay and not in harmOperates outside the lawLooks like evil operates like evil operates outside of society yet has the virtues of a virtuous manIdentifies the right and the wrong in his opinion and lives by itDiscipline regulating impulseObsessed with keeping things under controlNo lasting relationshipDoesnt want to openly love incase they leave him like his parentsWalking definition of dysfunction villainsOffer twisted mirror imagery of batman himselfAlternative identity pathologicScarecrow relies on fearEveryone has the capacity to do good and evilBeing victimized does not make you a victimTurned energy aroundDualityCRM2Criminology is the body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon It includes the process of making laws breaking laws and of reacting to the breaking of laws The objective of criminology is the development of a body of general and verified principles and other types of knowledge regarding this process of law crime and treatmentStudies criminal behavior causes patters control ofUses methods of established social science Records experiments surveys historical data content analysisInterdisciplinarySociology criminal justice psychology political science anthropology economics the natural sciencesSubfieldsCriminal StatisticsCreate valid and reliable measures of crime Sociology of lawHistory of law law reformTheory constructionPredicting criminal behaviorCriminal behavior systemsDetermining the nature of specific crime patternsPenologyCorrection and control of criminal behavior Criminal Justice SystemStudy involves describing analyzing and explaining the agencies of justicePoliceCourtsCorrections PCCSome Concepts about Society Norms are rules and expectations by which a society guides the behavior of its members They may be either prescriptive Dont or proscriptive DoThere are two special types of norms that were identified by William Graham Sumner Mores Right and Wrong and Folkways Right and RudeAs we internalize norms we respond critically to our own behavior through some shame or guiltSocial controlDefinitionsCrime Any form of human behavior that is designated by law as criminal and subject to penal sanctionLaw A rule with consequencesRule of Law We accept that laws are rules of society and when transgressed will have repercussionsDevianceDeviant behavior Violates social normsis subject to social controlNot all crime is deviantEg marijuana useNot all deviance is criminalEg bystander apathyJohn Hagans Typology of Deviance and Crime3 variablesevaluation of harmAgreement of the normSeverity
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