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th7 Sept 2012Crm 1300 EBatman and Villains who symbolize our darkest desiresthe psychology of the dark knight thBy end of 20 century batman took darker greedier more real tone Understanding fear is crucial to understand batman In the movie Bruce wane fears bats Fear is one of the fundamental psych of childhood We will be afraid but we will go to do things despite our fears Batman beings glimpse into his childhood Center of the mythology is choice altercation between good and evil life and death Bruce is relatable character He feels guilty coz his fear caused them to go into this dark alley and they died because of this Kid who learnt early on that security was fragile Raises question can we trust anyone who wont be taken away Will we ever be safe Ultimate batman moment when his parents murder is being trialed and Bruce has gun in his hand It is a moment of characters growth When people experience trauma they question their fundamental believes Batman avenges not revengesTerry Roosevelts similarity to Bruce Wane Terry goes to deep tragedy reforges himself and comes back and becomes an insane police officer working in the night to keep the city safe It is the kind of psyc that plays out in Bruce wane Bruce choses bat because it was one of his biggest fears and he overcame it Exposure to his fear helped him over come it He stays with the fear until he calms down and sees he is ok It is a great exampleof how people overcome their fear the movie returns Who is the real person Bruce Wane or BatmanBatman embodies the shadow side There are two sides of subcons the socially accepted and the shadow side Batman is perfect mesh of bothBruces choice to take identity of bat also taps into fear of himself and other people as well He takes the image of evil ie the Bat You can also say that choice of bat implies his aspirational purpose to sole above society Also note the fight between what is good for Bruce Wane and right for Batman to do Is batman persona the true persona and Bruce just a mask Which is the true man The core of his identity always remains Bruce as Bruces experience gives birth to Batman Batman is just his weapon But one persons hero is another persons vigilantlyHe takes the law in his hand how good is it for the society What batman does is really outside the law but as a citizen of Gothams corrupt law he did not have any choice He never kills his ability to discipline himself and his impulses makes him batman He has stronger capacity for selfcontrol than anyone else Batman is accused of hero complex Sounds true He has obsession with keeping the law but this obsession makes him take the law in his own hands He can not stop being batman It is easier for him to stop being Bruce Wane What makes him a hero is the consequence of his life on his life the kind of life he must lead Batmans enemies are most psychologically disturbed Batmans arch images are often twisted mirror images of batman The villains suffer tragedy too but they choose to take revenge instead of avenge What batman uses as his strength the villains use it as weaknessTwo face starts as a hero and ends up as a villain after a tragedy Two face has problem with duality so he tosses his coin to do either evil or good He has two personalities truly He has a true alter ego and he has given up on making his own choicesThe Riddler is a narcissist he cant commit crime without leaving behind a calling cardScarecrow he is sadist in the position of power doctor in an asylum He uses the place to experiment with chemicals and drugs He enjoys watching peoples mind snap completely for the use of it He uses fear to use as a tool to get what he wants He is my psychotic but very intense in need to self grandize All batman villains however shortly end up in asylumCat womanshe has on again off again relation with Batman She is as dangerous as he is but she is a villain They have a lot in common but they stand on two different parts of the spectrum Batmans deadliest enemy Joker DNone is more explosive or unpredictable like the homicidal character of joker The joker initially had no backstory But since there have been many back story Some men just want to watch the world burn Dark KnightIn case of joker his motivation is not a normal one like in case of mentally ill criminals Joker has an agenda of chaos no one knows what he is after Joker is another character like Batman who will not compromise he is the logical response to a character like Batman How far is batman prepared to bend the lawBatman and joker are dark reflection of each other Batman says we have to step out of social norm at times but it does not mean social norms have no use Joker says existence of random injustice means that there is no justice at all Note the philosophical difference between the twoJoker wants to show that everyone has a price and they can be compromised even batman Joker shows the capacity of human mind to do evil The notion of choice choosing to do what is right or wrong is the fundamental basis of human existence Batman is a great power who chooses to do right the champion good Batmans internal struggle gives insight to our own fears Shows the ways in which an ordinary person can become a hero Batman is in the realm of attainable he is just a human His superpower is his capacity of selfdiscipline He is what we aspire to be Batman reflects full spectrum of angst joy and sorrow we experience in life
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