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CRM1300 Sept12 2011The Batman Victim of tragedy Seeking purpose Struggling with personal issues VillainsBatmans darkest desires Batman comics first came out in the 1930s during the Great Depression the creator being Bob Cane FEARfear of batsAll creatures feel fear especially the scary ones Choice alternatives of good and evil His parents are shot and killed by a muggerBruce Wayne personalizes this event and takes responsibilityHe feels intense guilt He learns that security is temporary and fragile Batman is faced with the opportunity to kill his parents killer when he brings a gun to court but he does not He avenges his parents death by fighting crime and seeking justiceHe is a parallel to Theodore Roosevelt they also had similar fathers Father Philanthropist Roosevelt had a deep family tragedy like Bruce Wayne he had the opportunity to go to the badlands and commit suicide but he ended up becoming a crazy crime fighting cop
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