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Criminology DefinitionsHeres a pretty comprehensive list of definitions and some case studiesconcepts taught throughout CRM1300 Try making flashcards out of themYouth Pathway to ProstitutionThere is a strong link between childhood abuse running away situational poverty low income marginal skills unemployment inadequate services and a steady demand for sex and entering into the sex tradeRegime ShoppingThe process by which corporations will search for countriesforeign governments that will allow them to conduct their businesses in an economically efficient mannerFeminismFeminism refers to a set of theories about womens oppression and a set of strategies for achieving liberationPrimary devianceAccording to Lemerts labelling theory there are two types of deviance Primary deviance is the initial action of an individual that elicitsocial response They are random and occur for a variety of reasons does not define youSecondary devianceProblems that arise out of social response to primary deviance official responses can fundamentally change a person shaping their character and understanding of themselves They begin to selfidentify as criminalsInstrumental MarxismInstrumental Marxists believe that the state and law are in direct service of the capitalist class the rich and powerful members of societyStructural MarxismStructural Marxists believe that the state and law work on behalf of but are not directly controlled by capitalists The law cannot be too blunt an instrument of oppression or else people would revolt against it By giving government and law a measure of justice and legitimacy it will stop people from asking too many questionsDeCriminalizeDecriminalization is a process whereby criminal charges for an activity such as smoking marijuana are removed The substance is not legal per se but there are simply no rules or regulations around itHackler advocated for the decriminalization of drugsLegalizeLegalization is process whereby the activity such as smoking marijuana becomes a totally legal substance which can then be bought and sold regulated and taxed by the governmentFraser CommitteeGovernment committee that looked at issues of adult prostitutionBadgley CommitteeGovernment committee that looked at sexual offenses against children and youth studied youth prostitution
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