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Crim 1101Psychology of the batmanDuring great depression urban growthBatman psychologyfear fear of batsAnxious fearfulNotion of choiceGood or evil life or deathPersonalization of events feel guilty because he wanted to leave the theater his parents wouldnt have been in the alley if he wasnt scared of the playSecurity is temporary fragileI wont be safe take things into my own handsTraumatic eventgrowth leads to questioning of beliefsParallel to Teddy RooseveltConquered fearsexposureBecomes a batconquered his fearsDivided psyche who is the manShadow side vs our conscious selfGood and evilLaw is open to interpretation batmans code is not it is strict he is a vigilantly Batman discipline hold back impulsesocd about his hero complexEasy to stop being BruceDenys relationshipsLoverisk for person hes withVillainstragedy do harmBatmantragedy do goodRiddlernarcissistTwoface split personality alter egoScarecrowsadist in power of position uses fear against his victimsCatwomanlust greed revengeCRIMEJokerrandom chaos no compromise no surrenderCriminalswealth power revengeRandom injusticeno justiceInnocence destroyedno innocenceLife is lieEveryone can be good can be evilChoiceBatmanEx MADsocial injustice or victimization into goodDuality shadow life scared to share hidden lifeVigilantismCops look like batman but obey within the lawWhat is crimeQuestionsWhat do Criminologists doCriminologyCriminology is the body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon It includesthe processes of making laws of breaking laws and of reacting to the breaking of laws The objective of criminology is the development of a body of general and verified principles and other types of knowledge regarding this process of law crime and treatmentSutherland and Cressey 1960Studies criminal behaviourCauses patterns control of Uses methods of established social scienceRecords experiments surveys historical data content analysisInterdisciplinarySociology criminal justice psychology political science anthropology economics the natural sciencesSubfieldsCriminal statisticsCreate valid and reliable measures of crimeSociology of lawHistory of law law reformTheory constructionPredicting criminal behaviour
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