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Criminology Review for Midterm 2Roots of ViolencePersonal TraitsBrain injuries mental illness abnormal brain wave patterns low intelligence psychotic symptons etcFamily Dysfunction Family violencephysical and sexual abuse physical punishment inconsistent disciplineInterpersonal Violenceinvolves sexualassaultstalkingandrelationshipviolenceIdontknowwhatelseHomicideMurderFirst degree MurderRequires that the action be planned and deliberateSecond degree murderInvolves Malice but no premeditationManslaughterThe killing of another person through gross negligenceInfanticideKilling of an InfantTrends Canadian Homicides per 100000 population 185 Generally Lower in east higher in west most in praries83 of solved homicides committed by An aquaitance34Or a family member3717 by a stanger52 of all female victims and 8 of male victims were killed by a person they have had an intimate relationship withMales are predominantly victimspredominantly because men have to be the alpha dogMass MurderSerial KillingKen and BarbieSon of Sam thought satan was talking to him through dog he would go to lovers lane would kill brunnettes with a 44 caliber didnt kill the male left notesMac LepineWalked into junior university in montreal and seperated the men and women started killing women because a women took his place at enginneering schoolMy Lai Hidden by military couple of guys killed an entire village caused by a bunch of soldiersWashington Sniper incident after 911 there are shootings that take place during the daytime and they were becoming more frequent Profilers were extremely wrong about thisAll good examples of Sociological inmagination which means a willingness to view the social world from the perspective of others It involves moving away from thinking in terms of the individual and hishers problems focusing rather on the social circumstances that produce social problemsHalo effect being beautiful makes people think that you are better smarter then themAssault Aggravated assaultSimple AssaultsRobbery When people say they fear crime they often have robbery or mugging in mindUnder age of 25 23 of arrestsMainly malesMost likely a stranger someone you dont knowTypes of RobbersProffesional Robbers Carefully Plan doing it bring a gun big places robbedOpportunist Robbers Commit robbery when it presents itself Addict robbers rob to aquire money and buy illegal drugs Plan less carefully than professional robbers but more than opportunist Robberslook at examHate Crime A crime motivated by racial sexual or other prejudice typically one involving violence Crimes against other groupsSexual Assault Motivation is most likely Power and PassionWomen were viewed as property of menRape was an offence against the father or husbandRape diminished the value of wife or daughterOnly 1 in 10 are reported to police Embarassment selfblame mistrust of policeGreater willingness to report as a result of public attitudesMost occur in the summer and on weekends39 of women over 18 report having been sexually assaulted sometime in their livesRape Intimate rape Types of Rapes Stranger Rapes More violent more predominant in official statisticsmore likely toinvolve weaponsAcquaintance Rape Less likely to be reported probably make up the majority of rapes About onehalf of reported rapes also family membersDate Rape Canadian college Women Survery in 1993 said 13 women in college experience physicalverbal or psychological coercion while it was 25 the previous year Theres been an increase of date rape drugs and cases of gang rapes Campaighns have been put forth so the women can fight back NO means NO
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