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CRM1300Readings Roberts and Grossman Chapter 18The Treatment of Prisoners in CanadaCCC defines hundreds of activities as crimes because they have offended public valuesHavent Offenders Forfeited Their Rights Rights of all Canadians set out in the CCRF retained throughout our lives whether were hospitalized imprisoned or just out and aboutOffenders retain rights and privileges of all members of society except those necessarily removed or restricted as a consequence of the sentence of the courtoCorrections and Conditional Release Act protects the fundamental right to life and security fair and just treatment and protection from discrimination and mistreatmentoLegislations such as Canadian Human Rights Act the Privacy Act Access to Information Act Official Languages Act and Transfer of Offenders Act all protect that the individuals who enter the CJSoDue process duty to act fairly and strictly defined powers and delegations of authority limit what actors may do in the name of the State be they police prosecutors judges or corrections officials Why Not Simply Lock Em Up and Throw Away the KeyLocking up offenders and throwing away the key may have been the strategy of systems past and may still be how some Canadians would prefer that sentences would be administeredoFundamental purpose of sentencing is to contribute along with crime prevention initiatives to respect for the law and the maintenance of a just peaceful and safe society by imposing just sanctions that have one or more of the following objectivesTo denounce unlawful conductTo deter the offender and other persons from committing the same offencesTo separate offenders from society where necessaryTo assist in rehabilitating offendersTo provide reparations for harm done to victims or to the community andTo promote a sense of responsibility in offenders and acknowledgement of the harm done to victims and to the communitiesSending offenders to prison can be a way of denouncing the criminal conduct means of deterring he offender and other potential offenders from reoffending a way of
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