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thMonday January 10 2011What are normsWhat people consider to be acceptable in society What we value in society Involves the majority thoughts values actionsExplicit Fully and clearly expressed Implicit Implied or understood though not directly expressedWhy do we have themSocial control allows us to predict whats going to happen expectationsExamples personal spacewearing clothesetc What is deviance Formal Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a societyInformalDiffering from norms that are not written in the LawWhat is crime A violation of societal rules of behaviour as interpreted and expressed by a criminal legal code created by people holding social and political powerIndividuals who violate these rules are subject to sanctions by state authority social stigma and loss of statusCRIME An act or omission prohibited by criminal lawKey Ingredients Actus reus the illegal act It involves either the commission of an act such as an assault or the failure to act such as failing to take proper safety measures Mens rea a prerequisite of criminal conduct is the guilty mind Mens rea is based on the belief that people can control their behaviour and choose between right and wrong It commonly is used to refer to the intent to commit a crime No legal defence Are all deviant acts criminal Not all deviant acts are criminal wearing a Hawaiian shirt to a funeralAre all criminal acts deviant Not all criminal acts are deviant speeding etcCRIMEDEVIANCE can be Relevant to Time Relevant to Place Relative to Social ContextSocial StatusAge thWednesday January 12 2011How do laws get createdThe majority becomes concerned about somethingWhat is a moral panic Something that takes place in society when the moral fabric is threatened Individuals pose a menace to societyOccurs when a condition episode person or group of persons is defined as a threat to societal values and interests Ex 911 Terrorism Music Influence on the morality of younger citizens Fear of crime crime rate is on a decrease but the government invests in building prisonsFolk devilsgroups that are targeted by the moral panicgroups seen as being evilWhat is sextingSending exotic pictures by text or having sexual conversation with another THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMWHAT IS SOCIAL CONTROLThe various types of organized reaction to behaviour viewed as problematicWHAT IS THE CJSA vast network of organizations and facilities charged with the investigation detection prosecution and punishment of offenders3 KEY AGENCIESThe police the courts the correctionsTHE STRUCTURE OF THE CJSThe police 1 Municipal2 Provincial3 FederalThe courts1 Provincial minor offence2 Superior serious offences with longer sentences3 Appeal not satisfied with a decision bring it to the Supreme Court of CanadaThe correctionsProvincial 2 years or less a day eg jail Federal 2 years or over eg prisonQUESTIONS TRUE OR FALSESTATSAcross Canada how many correctional institutions jails and prisons do you think there are 190In 200506 how many admissions did the federal and provincialterritorial correctional services process into custody 76 Federal114 ProvincialPrisons as a form of punishment have existed for more than 250 yearsFALSEThe number of women being processed through the criminal justice system is decreasingFALSE Women in Canada are becoming more violentFALSEThe number of Aboriginals in prisons is decreasingFALSE
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