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University of Ottawa
Carolyn Gordon

Problems of the mind-intellectual incompetence Charles Goring -criminals o Physically inferior and mentally inferior (criminal were shorter (1-2”), light in weight (3-7lbs) than non criminals, mentality of a moron) o Strong correlations b/w criminality of parents and children (inherited from the genes (2 reasons: criminality came before marriage; correlation between parent and child were stronger if parent was in prison before) o Not simply learned behaviour. . . Why?? Cannot accept it at face value y flawed o Therefore, criminals are physically and mentally defective due to genetics. Recommendation: sterilization • Critique: o Failure to measure substantial environmental influences (heredity & environment) o Only studied males Richard Dugdale nducted general family studies more strongly among family members - Reviewed 7 generations of The Juke o Went to a NY county jail and found that 6 people in jail were blood related The problem: Feeble-Mindedness o All criminals are feeble-minded, but not all feeble-minded are criminals. This can explain why they are committing crime and where does it this behavior come from o Survival of the fittest (Natural Selection) o Society must stop interfering with natural selection Alfred Binet’s Intelligence Tests o Bigger heads = Smart o Smaller heads = Morons • Guilty of researcher’s bias (researcher manipulates the results to find the outcome) -blind study Intelligence Quotient - Developed tool to ascribe mental age to individuals ental age divided by chronological age and multiply by 100 (IQ = 6/10 = .6(100) = 60) Binet’s Intentions Dangers of IQ Testing Henry Goddard (1866-1957) -15 = Useful People (able to work at semi-productive jobs) Mental age below 8 = Was not seen as a threat-feebleminded Mental age 8-12 = Morons, high grade defective, dangerous, can have issues with the law • All criminals were feeble-minded (89% of criminals were feeble-minded) Study of the Kallikaks er Cause of Criminality and Classification -minded and immoral o 1. Imbeciles and Idiots o 2. Morons o 3. Dull labourers o 4. Normals Goodard on Immigration class jobs) Additional Studies and Revision -minded -mindedness: o Feeble-mindedness is NOT incurable o Do not need to segregate most feeble-minded in institutions Implications of Theory o The manipulation of the processes of evolutionary selection, in order to improve a particular genetic stock or population o Sterilization Act in BC and Alberta o 1928-1972 – sterilization of almost 3000 citizens Video Notes: The Sterilization of Leilani Muir
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