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Jan 2113CRM 1130Lesson 3Late Middle AgesTorture ToolsIron Maidenmany ways confessions were extracted caused people to die by the injuries themselvesThe Rackthe person is laid across the table and the wheels turn with a series of spikes on their front and backThumbscrewsthumbs or toes pressured within this mechanismreleased once they confessedBridlemechanism used as torture tool and tool in and of itselfonce persons head is put on part causes pressure on the tongueprimarily targeted against womenoften by men at homeack of regulationhe could bridle and chain his wifeweight alone is difficult to bear used as a way to silence women keep spouse in checkreleased when she compliedDucking Stoolindividual stuck underwater until shows willingness to confessconsequencesdrowning while getting confession itself today used at malls or fairs for funtainted history associated withduck tankPunishments mostly in public settings when people would be aroundchurch days etcFlogging gruesomehumiliatingleft scarsinfections branding humiliating a personserved as public deterrent effectmark left visibly on person served as symbol to others to be cautious mutilationrooted in retributioneye for an eyesomeone stole hands targeted for exampletorture or removing of these body partspeople often died from mutilationloss of blood or infectionlive with extended consequences of the crime itself banishment context strong interdependence on each other for the provision of foodsafetygeneral wellbeingoften caused psych Damage as well as being physically deprivedvery serious punishmentconsequence of deathone of the harsher consequencescapital punishmentcontext middle agesused not as much as you would thinkplagues resulted in early deathright to life not as depended on as people died so earlydidnt necessarily serve asstrong a deterrentdidnt stop at executionextended mutilations before execution and afterie Braveheart pieces of body torn etcvictory symbol pillory and stocks wooden contraptionspeople throw things at thempublic settingspectacleconstruct symbolic power and had deterrent effect on publicaxe
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