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Problems of the mind intellectual incompetence People who commit crimes are feral mindsCharles Gorning The English convictGoal assess lombrosos theoryResearch compared convicts to noncriminalsMethodcareful analysisFindings lombrosos method seriously flawedNo anthropoligial type existed he did not find the physical differences that Lombroso found he disproved of his theory he said lomobros concluded that born criminal was a subject of lomobros falsful predictionFurther FindingsDifferences found on the basis of height and weightPhysically inferior and mentally inferiorStrong correlations bw criminality of parents and childrenparents and children being criminals he believe criminality was associated withheredityNot simply learned behaviour whyConclusionsTherefore criminals are physically and mentally defective due to geneticsRecommendationsCritiqueFailure to measure substantial environmental we should see just as many femals in prison as menif we are basing it on heredityRICHARD DUGALEConducted general family studiesHypothesisBehaviours that are genetically determined should correlate more strongly among family members1877reviewed 7 generations of the jukesConcludedCriminality is heredityMargaret the mother of criminalsinterviewed 709 criminal were born into the juke family of this family cost tax payers so much money that it cost 13 million dollars to take care of this familyTHE PROBLEM FeeblemindednessTheory criminality is an inherited trait AND feeblemindedness is inheritedThus criminality is an artefact of feeblemindednessSolution society must stop interfering with natural selectionstop trying to help these individualsALFRED BINETS INTELLIGENCE TESTSIntelligence could be calcuted by measuring their headsBigger heads bigger brain more intelligentSmaller headsmaller brain mentally inferiorGuilty of researchers bias research bends their method in order to find results they wantDoubleblind studyboth parties are blind to what they areIntelligence quotient1904Developed tool to ascribe mental age to individuals
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