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Thomas Hobbes and John Locke.docx

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University of Ottawa

Thomas Hobbes The State of Nature and the Basis of SocietyHobbes science man and that reason and thinking is the solution to resolve problemsIn his time religion vs philosophy he takes both and combines them to make a governmentBoth of them religion and philosophy make science which is scientifically studying human relationsResolving reasoning reckoning which is a process that takes good and bad involved with logicLogic for Hobbes Everyone can think for themselvesState of NatureProblem England is unstable and having problemsSettings aMonarchy vs Parliamentfighting for power and controlbReligion clashes cEngland has been at war through the 13001800Hobbes solution 1 State of nature where everyone is virtually equal in mind and body Virtual equality hope which leads to happinessProblems of state of nature Each one of us has a desire for happinessnot static but is a process to acquire it Secondly the desire for powerwe want it more and more2 Laws of Nature they exist in state of nature Comes from reasonimmutable you cant change them and eternal they remain foreveriOne fundamental law I will do what is in my best interestProblem with that law Everybody comes first and I take from you and you take from me which means that you come second and I am firstCondition of uncertaintyscarcitymultiple wants but few resources Use power to get things done Problem How do you divide the resources and power up equally Solution Everything in state of nature is a state of war
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