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Week 1First of three theory courses1CRM 1301whenever to 1920s1Crim Theories I1920s to 1960s1Crim Theories II1960s to now General themeknowledge is context bound Criminological Theoriesthe nature of powerauthority relationshipsocioeconomic political intellectual and personal context of theorists NOT ABOUT CURING CRIMINALS EvaluationExam 130Exam 230Cumulative Final Exam TBA 40oEntirely multiple choiceoNo memorization All exams must complete all exams to receive course creditMissed inclass exams cannot be written without an official medical excuse from or validated by U of O Health Services EMail Policy Appropriate EmailsFrom uOttawa accountsoNOT chunkylover53aolcomoCRM 1301 in the subject lineBrief and concise requests for appointmentsoReread the email out loud before sending 48 hour response policyMon 9am to Fri 5pm Emails that will not be answeredQuestions that can be answered by the syllabus or WebCTClarification of concepts or theoriesInformation from a class which you were absentFrustrationbased communication What is theory A tool that allows us to decide what something is how to act towards it Not about truth Defining a theory more formally A generalization that explains the relationship between two or more phenomenon and the conditions under which the relationship takes place phenomenon observable event For criminologyMaking sense of observations that is consistent with a particular understanding of the social world Socioeconomic statusCrime ratesExamplesMinorities are more likely to commit crimesImpoverished people or people with a bad home life are more likely to have a life of crimeElements of Theory EXAM ConceptsAbstract building blocks eg power gender race VariablesOnly applicable in some situationsIndependent variables You cant change them Dependent variables Changes in some way depending on the circumstancesIn terms of gender and sentencing Man and woman have committed the same crime They are the same age same background same aged child Do they get the same sentence NO The woman gets a lesser sentence because she is a motherExample Power money social class job Theoretical StatementsHypothesized relationship between variablesSometimes casual sometimes more tentative crime and media Different Theoretical Focuses Macro TheoriesExplain social structure and its effect Micro TheoriesFocus on level of the group or individualMore specific informationThe relationship of young men from rural areas who come to uOttawa to study the social sciences Criteria of Sound Critical Theory 1TestableaCan I find evidence for this somewhereaIs it observable
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