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CRM 1301 Lecture 4 Witchcraft ContinuedRationale for Punishment Rooted in ChristianityoBiblical lawlex talionis retribution an eye for an eye justified the mutilation of sinners Eg Someone steals they have their hand cut off Hags Harness women who gossip and dont listen to husband are reminded trough this device Penance through physical painoNothing sacred about the bodyit was all about the soul Restore order of the worldoMaintain balancepunishment was necessaryCosmic Consequencesthere actions are all encompassing so t get an order back these people had to be punished Eliminate evil spirits through death oSymbolism of fire Represent the eternal flames of hell they would be experiencing Deterrence oGeneral and Specific General Deterrence making an example of that individual so other people in society will not commit the crimes Eg You traffic drugs and see on TV someone gets 10 years for trafficking you will think twice about trafficking again Specific Deterrence Prevent and discourage a specific individual from committing that crime again Eg The torture occurred in the day time in front of everyone to see Social ControloRid society of undesirablesdeviants Way to control the population Affirmed the Authority of the ChurchoWho had the power show what would happen if you went against the church
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